Non-Listed Companies on is a pioneer in providing solutions to the problems that the clients face when they have to search for potential investments nationwide as well as internationally. The core values of our company compel us to work in a systematic manner even if we have to think out of the box!

Pakistan has one of the most potential business sectors that are not limited to any industry or trade. The companies at are from every field of business sector whether it is Construction, Consultancy, Banking, Administration or any other industry that is left unaddressed. The platform at our site provides its customers with the list of Non-Listed Companies in Pakistan too.

A non-Listed company is the company that is often termed as Private Limited Company. These companies have a share capital that they do not tend to take into Stock markets. These companies do not offer their shares for trading. The non-Listed companies are mostly known as “CLOSELY HELD” Companies. is first of its kind in making these non-Listed companies accessible to the clients and investors. This brings the clients and these companies closer as they do not need to make their shares public in the Securities and Exchange Commission Pakistan (SECP). provides a complete list of the companies which have their Annual Reports published on our site. These Annual Reports include each section that is a requirement of the company. You will find every report with sections that include but are not limited to

  • Address from the Chairman
  • Financial Highlights
  • Balance Sheets
  • Profit and Loss Statements
  • New Business
  • Projections in Future
  • Share of Stock
  • Complete list of Board Members

Non-Listed Companies have an edge on our platform that they can meet their investors who can play a vital role in the investment of their company. These companies welcome its investors through our platform so that they can view the Annual Reports and decide to put their investment in the right place. The Non-Listed companies at are listed below.