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Company Industry Sector
Pak Elektron Cable & electrical Goods
Pakistan Cables Cable & electrical Goods
Pioneer Cement Cement
Power Cement Cement
Pak.P.V.C. Chemical
Pak Leather Leather & Tanneries
Pak Hotels Engineering
Pak Services Engineering
Prud Mod.1st Modarabas
Punjab Modaraba Modarabas
PakChem Chemical
Pak Suzuki Motor Company Ltd. Automobile Parts & Accessories
Pakistan Cables Limited Cable & electrical Goods
PICIC insurance ltd. Stock Index Future Contracts
Prudential Fund Stock Index Future Contracts
Pakistan Engineering Company Ltd. Engineering
Pakistan General Insurance Company Limited Insurance
Pakistan Reinsurance Company Limited Sector
Premier Insurance Limited Insurance
Progressive Insurance Company Limited Insurance
Pervez Ahmed Securities Limited Insurance
Prudential Discount Guarantee House Limited Insurance
Prudential Investment Bank Limited Insurance